Electronic Cigarettes Will Topple Tobacco Within Ten Years


One expert, Tyler Bullock of E Cig Cabin (, reports that he and many experts like him predict e-cigarettes to surpass tobacco cigarettes in ten years or less.

In his post, Bullock lays out four reasons that he and other experts believe electronic cigarettes will become bigger than tobacco within a decade. He cites experts such as Bonnie Herzog, a senior analyst and managing director for Wells Fargo Securities LLC who deals largely in the tobacco market, as well as recent electronic cigarette news to back up his claims.


“I read an article in which Bonnie Herzog loosely predicted that

 e-cigarettes users would surpass tobacco users within the decade, and I decided to add my own thoughts and other data into the conversation,” said Bullock when asked what inspired the post.


Throughout the article, Bullock appeals to both common sense and concrete facts to prove his theory about electronic cigarette dominance in the future. He talks about current events, such as the recent acquisition of e-cigarette giant Blu Cigs by tobacco giant Lorillard, as well as the general harm-reduction benefits of electronic cigarettes.


“When Lorillard bought out Blu Cigs, it was really a sign of how far e-cigarettes had come. When you have a titan of the tobacco industry purchasing one of the largest e-cigarette companies, it's time to take notice of electronic cigarettes as a growing, viable alternative to tobacco cigarettes,” explained Bullock.


But big business moves are not the only thing backing Bullock's bold prediction. He also looked at modern day tobacco consumers and examined what they wanted from a nicotine delivery system and how that could factor into the growth of the e-cigarette.


“In a perfect world, nobody would use nicotine. But this isn't a perfect world. Consumers want the benefits of nicotine without the dangers of tobacco. This makes electronic cigarettes the perfect option. Once regulation and safety are really nailed down, e-cigarettes will be in even more demand than they are today and there's no reason they won't overtake tobacco in sales. I predict it will happen in 10 years or less.” said Bullock.