How is Hannibal dealing with the new smoking



HANNIBAL, MO (WGEM) -- The city of Hannibal is now one month into a new smoking ordinance.

Workers at Broadway Bar and Grill in Downtown Hannibal opposed the ordinance but they say they're finding ways to make the most of it.

Since customers can no longer smoke inside the bar, owners have started selling electronic cigarettes, which they say they can hardly keep in stock.

Hannibal City Manager, Jeff LaGarce, says that there has only been one complaint of a business not complying with the new law and no tickets have been issued at this time, "Our goal isn't to cite anybody if we don't have to. Our goal is to achieve 100% compliance. If we can't achieve 100% compliance, we'll issue a citation. If I get a first call on a business, and I think it's an issue maybe dealing with being unaware or something like that, I'll talk to the business and give them the benefit of the doubt."

LaGarce says when he received the complaint, he approached the business owner and provided them with a copy of the ordinance as well as the no smoking signage for their door.