E-Cigarette M9XL

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M9XL is a fantastic disposable E cigarette developed by our company. A single piece is equivalent to 2.5 packs of regular cigarettes. Nothing to screw and unscrew. No need to charge the battery, no need to replace the cartridge. It is ready to be used instantly. Simply remove from the package and puff away. When the e-liquid is used up. Just throw it away. It is more convenient and have better taste than tratidional atomizer and cartomizer e cigarette. Our M9XL will bring you the same "smoking' sensation of regular cigarette.



  • Packing Meas: 180*65mm
  • E-cig weight:26g
  • E-cig size:9.2(D)*121(L)mm
  • E-cig life:Up to 500 puffs
  • E-liquid content: 1.8ml
  • Battery capacity: Lithium,3.7V-280mAh